About us

Our concept was conceived in early 2020 after a chance encounter with another collector, trader, and creator, who I shared my idea with. I lamented my time and schedule constraints preventing me from executing the concept. Although we couldn’t launch at the time, we’re now raring to go! 

We have set out to completely catalog every Lisa Frank collectible ever created! A lofty goal — one we know cannot be completed alone. We’re excited to invite invite creators, collectors, and contributors of all kinds to join our forum, and our soon to come marketplace and collection environments to enjoy all sorts all Lisa Frank fun! Or just do a little shopping!

While we are growing, we hope you’ll extend a tiny bit of compassion as a small team works diligently to enhance every facet of your experience shopping, contributing, and collecting alongside a world wide web full of collector BFFs. Make sure to KIT and stay cool this summer by logging on and blasting some A/C while you create, contribute, shop ’til u drop, and joke with your buds in our forums.

Maybe soon you’ll have your very own marketplace on lflist! Eventually, anyone who is approved will be able to. Our team is swiftly committing and delivering amazing results daily so please check back soon. We’d love to have you back.

Please be sure to tell all your Lisa Frank friends to log on and sign up! The internet will never be the same.

If you’re so inclined to support our project, please visit our incredible shop! We hope you’ll enjoy encouraging and uplifting creators as well as indulging in a long-awaited score you’ve longed for!

Any questions, comments, concerns, compliments, charitable donation & sponsorship requests or suggestions, or personal attacks / hate mail should be directed to the same address: weloveyoutoo@lflist.com


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